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Sexy Wedding Dress: Back Treatments

Posted by maisonduperle on Friday, June 18, 2010

God is in the details, and one of the details most brides tend to overlook is how the back of their wedding dress looks like. All parts of the wedding dress are significant to the overall look you want to create, especially when your guests get to see you from all angles during the reception.

When deciding how your back should look like, think of the wedding dress in components – there’s your veil, skirt, and train. The length of your veil depends on the silhouette at the back gown and the details on your back bodice. If there are gorgeous embellishments at the back, you can opt for a short birdcage veil or no veil at all. The details on your back bodice will also determine if you should wear your hair up or down. There are no rules to how much or how little detail you’d like on your back bodice – it’s all a matter of preference. Here are some treatments that can help you decide what to place on the back of your gown.


wedding gown back cluster
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A cluster back features group of flower embellishments, tassels, ribbons, or bows. It works well with strappy column or empire dresses.


wedding gown back drape
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A drape back is the most popular back treatment for evening gowns and column dresses, especially those with low necklines. It might not be very church-appropriate, so consider this for the reception only.


wedding gown back corset
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Corset backs are the preferred back treatment for wedding dresses with a cathedral train. It also looks good on ballgown dresses, strapless dresses, and halter dresses.


wedding gown back buttons
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The simpler sister of the corset back, a row of buttons is the classic treatment for the traditional strapless ballgown dress. Depending on how embellished the bodice is, this part can be covered by a long veil.

Sheer lace

wedding gown back sheer
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Lace wedding gowns are in this season but then again, when have they ever been out of fashion? Avoid looking overly saccharine with a sheer lace back. It’s sexy enough to reveal just a little bit of skin, but the romance factor of the lace keeps you within the bounds of socially-appropriate wedding attire.


wedding gown back criss cross
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The criss-cross back features two bands of intersecting fabric to add interest. Like the sheer lace treatment, this one is acceptably sexy.


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True to its name, a keyhole back reveals a circular patch of skin. Great for adding oomph to a wedding dress with a high neckline.

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