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Unique Bridal Gown Designer Combines Elegance and Whimsical Designs

Posted by maisonduperle on Sunday, November 1, 2009

Unique Bridal Gown Designer Combine Elegance

Unique Bridal Gown Designer Combines Whimsical Designs

Unique Bridal Gown Designer Combines Elegance

Unique Bridal Gown Designer Combines Elegance
and Whimsical Designs

Melissa Sweet is a premiere wedding coiffe designer with success in combining whimsical and elegance in every coiffe created. She was born in Kentucky and institute her love for sewing at a very young age. When other girls were activity house or with dolls Melissa was honing her talent stitching clothes under the supervision of your grandmother. During classes she would sketch coiffe designs and often created her own cloths environment fashion trends at her school!

During the flavour Melissa took some flavour courses at Parsons School of Design. She then went on to Bauder College in Atlanta and received a bachelor's degree from the university. In 1996 Melissa opened her first boutique with a newborn mix of elegant and whimsical designs. Sweet's eye for modern designs and vintage glamour ordered her unconnected from the competition. This fresh look began to catch on gaining attention from Georgia's 22-28 aged newborn bride to-bees. As her dresses gain popularity she began commerce them to national bridal boutiques across the country.

As Melissa Sweet's gowns created more buzz she was able to showcase her designs on the Today Show. Shortly after being on the show she was approached by a representative of Priscilla of Beantown who wanted to buy her business. Being a playing woman she sold her company to them in 2005 however was recruited to stay on as the director of design, overseeing the classic Pricilla of Beantown collection and the Melissa Sweet line. Today the Melissa Sweet collection is sold nationwide at more than ten Pricilla locations as well as department stores such as Saks Fifth Ave. and Neiman Marcus.

So what is newborn for Melissa Sweet and her fabulous coiffe designs? Well this flavour she will be focusing her newborn line to incorporate more sheer fabrics like cloth Garze and organza. When layered together it creates the effect of subtle movement in the flowers when they are in bloom. It is a quite elegant closing to a wedding gown. This silhouette combined with a flowing perfectly white coiffe radiates pure sophistication.

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