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Monique Lhuillier Spring 2011 Bridal Collection

Posted by maisonduperle on Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabric roses, structured ruffles, and Oscar de la Renta-like fur-embellished skirts dominate Monique Lhuillier’s spring 2011 bridal collection. I normally love Monique Lhuillier’s work but this collection is kind of a hit or miss. There are more hits than misses though, and they’re absolutely stunning!

monique lhuillier spring 2011 1

The fabric roses provide interesting texture and the same romanticism of good old fashioned ruffles.

monique lhuillier spring 2011 2

I love the sheer lace cape! It looks like an updated, more fashionable version of the kimona.

monique lhuillier spring 2011 3

The fabric roses on this mermaid dress are more distinct – reminds me a little of frosted flowers on a cake. I think I prefer soft tulle roses over this one.

monique lhuillier spring 2011 6

Interesting texture on this dress. I’m not sure it’s very wearable, but it’s definitely a gorgeous work of art. It takes skill to create ruffles like this one!

monique lhuillier spring 2011 4

Oscar de la Renta’s spring 2011 collection had a few dresses with similar fur-like skirts. I think this skirt would dwarf a petite bride.

monique lhuillier spring 2011 5

I prefer this dress over the last – the fur is more sparse and doesn’t dominate the dress entirely.

monique lhuillier spring 2011 7

I love how elegant this one looks! It’s the kind of dress you expect to see at the Oscar Red Carpet or the Met Costume Gala.

monique lhuillier spring 2011 8

This slinky gown is red carpet-worthy too, but I’m not sure if it’s wedding-appropriate. For the reception, perhaps.

monique lhuillier spring 2011 9

This dress is my least favorite in the collection. Not only are the large roses completely unflattering, but the full bubble skirt and uneven hem makes the model look like she’s pregnant. Ugh.

monique lhuillier spring 2011 10

Another unflattering dress, though not as bad as the last one. Still, the tulle bow adds unwanted poundage to the stomach area.

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