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Designing your own Gown

Posted by maisonduperle on Saturday, March 27, 2010

Custom Made Wedding Dress

Custom Made Wedding Dress

The wedding gown is the top priority for most women when it comes to their marriage ceremony. Everything else might be perfect but if the dress doesn't cut the mustard, then it's pointless. So what do you do if you've searched high and low and yet you cannot find that dream wedding dress?

You can custom create your own. Most brides-to-be are much too busy with their wedding plans to spare any time in designing their own wedding dress, and the majority just don't have the design flair to do such a thing in the first place. This is where you might want to look at hiring the services of a designer to create your ideal dress (just be prepared to fork out a decent sum of money to make your dream come true).

The advantage of designing your own dress is knowing for sure that everything fits you perfectly and it is precisely how you want it to look, down to the very last detail.

You might be wondering how you're going to afford such an expense. Well there are ways around this such as cutting certain costs from your wedding, such as having a more simple honeymoon, or having a smaller reception perhaps - there's definitely ways around this if you desire it badly enough.

Depending on how far ahead you plan your wedding (or how last minute), you would be better off hiring a designer that other friends, colleagues or family have used before. The worst thing is being stuck with a terrible designer who doesn't take your wedding dress designs as seriously as you do.

If you're a bit artistic, you might like to do a few first-pass sketches of how you'd like your wedding dress to turn out, but most of the time you needn't worry as a good dress designer will normally work beside you to get the preliminary sketches done. You may also use several wedding dress magazines here to get some additional ideas or use it as a source of inspiration.

This is where you will want to go crazy and describe the type of style of dress, fabrics you want included as well as any particular accessories you might want to have on during the day (just to make sure the dress matches the jewellery perfectly).

Custom Made Wedding Dress

Custom Made Wedding Dress

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