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Vera Wang Spring 2011 Bridal Collection

Posted by maisonduperle on Friday, May 14, 2010

If you’ve been following this blog for some time now, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a huge fan of Vera Wang’s bridal collection. She’s the only wedding dress designer I’ve seen who could create such dreamy shapes and textures out of tulle and chiffon. Her wedding dresses are definitely far from conventional, but not too avant-garde as to make them unwearable. Her spring 2011 bridal collection features her trademark silhouettes and manipulation of the fabric, but in whites and safe pastel colors.

vera wang spring 2011 1

This ballgown dress is made more interesting by the clever use of layers on the left side of the dress. I bet it looks even lovelier in person.

vera wang spring 2011 2

Mermaid silhouettes aren’t supposed to make you look like a mermaid, but this one does – in a good way! The flared skirt is made up of so many tucked ruffles that it creates the illusion of an actual mermaid’s tail.

vera wang spring 2011 3

I can imagine this dreamy chiffon creation at a simple garden wedding. Best worn with flowers.

vera wang spring 2011 7

I’m not a big fan of the structured ruffles on this dress. Fan-shaped busts are a trend these days, but they’ll only look good on girls with small breasts.

vera wang spring 2011 9

Another mermaid dress, but the flared skirt is more subdued. It’s not any less dreamy though.

vera wang spring 2011 8

And now, for the colored wedding dresses! This gorgeous peach creation makes a real statement with the bunched-up skirt.

vera wang spring 2011 5

Not a very big fan of this dress – I think the gathered ruffles are a little unflattering. It might work on a very skinny bride, but not on anyone else.

vera wang spring 2011 4

I looooove the ruffles on the skirt of this dress! They almost look like rose petals.

vera wang spring 2011 6

Last but not the least, my favorite from her Spring 2011 collection – this gorgeous blue-gray dress with the embellished bust. It’s not a color every bride would wear to her wedding, but I’d put it on in a heartbeat.

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